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This recounts the love story of two young Aztecs, Xóchitl and Huitzilin, a from which the cempasuchil flower was born.

This story began when the two young were still little. They used to spend all their spare time playing and enjoying discovering their town together. Although Xochitl was a delicate girl, her family let her join in the adventures of her neighbor Huitzilin. , it was only natural that their .

They particularly hiking to the top of a near where they would offer flowers to the . The god seemed to their offering and would from the sky with his warm rays. On a particularly day at the top of the mountain they swore that their love would last for ever.


  • smile
  • romance
  • beautiful
  • aztecs
  • with time
  • love would flourish
  • mountain
  • enjoyed
  • beautiful legend
  • appreciate
  • sun god Tonatiuh
  • wonderful love
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